The 13th IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics
May 25-28, 2009, Mielparque-Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan

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Instructions to Authors

* new * Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations

20 minutes for ORAL presentations will include:

* A brief introduction of the speaker by Session Chair
* The body of your presentation, maximum 15 minutes
* A brief question-and-answer period
* A setting minute to change over to the next presenter

Poster presentations

Panel boards for each POSTER will be provided on Wednesday morning, May 27, for Poster Session.
The board is 2 meters high and 0.9 meters wide, A0 size (0.841 m~ 1.189 m) poster is available.
Materials for attaching the poster, e.g. pushpins, will be provided at the poster session room.

The authors could confirm your presentation type on Technical Session page.

Instructions to Accepted Authors

Please note that the accepted papers which satisfied the following conditions can make presentations at ISCE2009 and be published in the official Proceedings.
  1. Final Camera-ready Manusctipt has been submitted by 22:00, April 8, 2009 (UTC).
  2. At least one of the authors has completed the payment of the full registration fee by 22:00, April 8, 2009 (UTC).
  3. IEEE Copyright Form has been submitted by 22:00, April 8, 2009 (UTC).

ISCE2009 will check the registration status and who are the accepted authors using the submitted final manuscripts and the paper configuration on EDAS. Please confirm your profile and paper information on the EDAS. How to add or change the paper information, please check the simple instruction on EDAS.

Final Camera-ready Manuscript

Authors are required to submit a Final Camera-ready Manuscript to EDAS conference manager system by 10 p.m., April 8, 2009 (UCT).
Please write your paper within 5 pages using MS Word or LaTex templates for IEEE conference proceedings on an A4 page. You can find the template on the IEEE website.

ISCE2009 will allow to submit the manuscript electrically in PDF format.
IEEE PDF eXpress is aveilable for ISCE2009. Please visit and make or check your manusctipt PDF file.
The conference ID for PDF eXpress is isce2009x.
For more details on IEEE PDF eXpress, please read the Instruction of PDF eXpress for ISCE2009.

Author's Registration

When making your registration as the accepted authors, please be sure to input your Paper # provided by EDAS (15691*****) into the checkbox of the registration site.
When completing your registration, you would get a confirmation e-mail from our on-line registration system (JTB), and you could find your Registration NumberiY******) in the e-mail. Please be sure to input the Registration Number into the Registration Code in EDAS. Please check the Simple Instruction on EDAS.

** Additional Paper Fee

This is only for the accepted authors who make at least one full registration.
If you are the author of more than two accepted papers, you can register the additional one paper by selecting this option (JPY 35,000).
Please note the following;
  • The number for additional paper is limited with only one for each full registration.
  • This additional fee DOES NOT include any participation expenses for one person.
  • This additional fee is available by the Early-bird deadline.
In other words if a single author submits 3 papers, the first and third paper require full registration fees while the second paper requires the additional paper fee.

For more detail, please visit Registration Page.

IEEE Copyright Form

The authors need to submit the IEEE Copyright Form via EDAS.
Please download the Copyright Form (Word file or PDF) and fill out the form.
You could submit it via EDAS, by clicking the icon for copyright submission. Please read the Simple Instruction on EDAS.

Short Paper Submission for peer-review *closed

Authors are required to submit a 2-page Short Paper including tables, figures, and references for each paper to EDAS conference manager system by December 19, 2008 by January 16, 2009.

Please write your paper using MS Word or LaTex templates for IEEE conference proceedings on an A4 page without author's biography, and submit electrically in PDF format. You can find the template on the IEEE website.

Submitted short papers will be peer-reviewed by the technical committee based on originality, significance, technical soundness, and clarity of exposition.