The 13th IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics
May 25-28, 2009, Mielparque-Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan

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Topic List

When submitting your paper, please choose a topic relevant to your paper from the following topics for the Regular Sessions. You can choose 3 topics at maximum for each paper.

Group Topic

Regular Topics

01 Image/Video Signal Processing
02 Image/Video Codecs
03 Image/Video Distribution
04 Audio
05 A/V Recording
06 Display Devices
07 Home Entertainment
08 RF & Wireless
09 Consumer Networks
10 Mobile Computing & Communications
11 Security & Rights Management
12 Human-Computer Interaction
13 Embedded Technology
14 Other Consumer Technology/Applications

Special Session Topics

SS1 Metadata Requirements for the New Age of Media
SS2 Bridging the Gap between Low Quality Video Sources and High Resolution Displays
SS3 Speech Enhancement via Optimisation Techniques
SS4 Human Centered Transportation Systems
SS5 3DTV & Multiview Video Systems
SS6 The Next Generation Information Retrieval / Analysis Technologies and Services
SS7 Energy Harvesting & Storage

Topic List for Regular Sessions

1 Image/Video Signal Processing
1.0 Image/Video Signal Processing (General/Other)
1.1 Quality Metrics, Noise/Artifact Reduction
1.2 Scaling and Aspect Ratio Conversion
1.3 Resolution, Sharpness Enhancements
1.4 Inpainting and Error Concealment
1.5 Frame-Rate Conversion and De-interlacing

2 Image/Video Codecs
2.0 Image/Video Codecs (General/Other)
2.1 Encoding Techniques/Algorithms
2.2 Decoding Algorithms, Scalable Decoding
2.3 Codec Implementation, DSPs, ICs
2.4 Image/Video Standards
2.5 Video Analysis for Coding

3 Image/Video Distribution
3.0 Image/Video Distribution (General/Other)
3.1 Transcoding Algorithm/Architecture
3.2 Transmission and QoS Techniques
3.3 Distribution, Video Streaming
3.4 3D Video
3.5 Computer Graphics
3.6 Consumer Generated Media
4 Audio
4.0 Audio (General/Other)
4.1 Audio Receiver Processing
4.2 Audio Coding Techniques/Algorithms
4.3 Audio Transmission and QoS
4.4 Audio Standards
4.5 Audio Applications

5 A/V Recording
5.0 A/V Recording (General/Other)
5.1 Next-Generation DVD
5.2 Still and Video Cameras
5.3 Personal Video Recorders
5.4 Home Media Server
5.5 Storage Compression
5.6 Imaging Devices
5.7 Storage Devices & Technologies

6 Display Devices
6.0 Display Devices (General/Other)
6.1 Display Enhancement, Techniques
6.2 Color Processing
6.3 Display Improvement Algorithms
6.4 Display Driver Components
6.5 Display Performance Evaluation

7 Home Entertainment
7.0 Home Entertainment (General/Other)
7.1 Home Theater
7.2 CATV
7.3 IPTV
7.4 Game System
7.5 Internet Integration
7.6 Networked AV/Multimedia

8 RF & Wireless
8.0 RF & Wireless (General/Other)
8.1 Antennas
8.2 Acquisition
8.3 Equalization
8.4 Spectrum Usage
8.5 Software Radio
8.6 Wireless LAN
8.7 IEEE802.11 Standards
8.8 DTV Receiver, Set-Top Box, Video Handheld
8.9 Bluetooth
8.10 RFID
8.11 WPAN

9 Consumer Networks
9.0 Consumer Networks (General/Other)
9.1 Home Networking; Control, Applications
9.2 Network Bridges
9.3 Network Architectures
9.4 Network Algorithms
9.5 Networking Standards
9.6 Home Gateway
9.7 Network QoS
9.8 Web Applications
9.9 Peer-to-Peer
9.10 Network Security
9.11 Access Control

10 Mobile Computing & Communications
10.0 Mobile Computing & Communications (General/Other)
10.1 Mobile Broadband
10.2 Handheld and Wearable Computers
10.3 Personal Multimedia Devices
10.4 Next-Generation Cellular
10.5 AV Streaming to Handheld Devices

11 Security & Rights Management
11.0 Security & Rights Management (General/Other)
11.1 Copy and Redistribution Protection
11.2 Trusted Computing, Transactions
11.3 Parental Control
11.4 Biometrics for Consumer Use
11.5 Legal and Regulatory Issues
11.6 Data Collection
11.7 Privacy
11.8 Encryption
11.9 Authentication
11.10 Payments

12 Human-Computer Interaction
12.0 Human-Computer Interaction (General/Other)
12.1 User Centered Design
12.2 Human Factors
12.3 Usability/Accessibility
12.4 User Experience
12.5 Interactive Technology
12.6 Special-Needs/Assistive Technology

13 Embedded Technology
13.0 Embedded Technology (General/Other)
13.1 Advanced Semiconductors
13.2 Packaging Technology
13.3 Operating System for Consumer Use
13.4 Middleware for Consumer Use
13.5 Software Product Line for Consumer Use
13.6 Embedded Software Technology
13.7 Software Implementation
13.8 High Density Board, Coreless Board
13.9 Mobile Cooling Design
13.10 Numeric Analysis

14 Other Consumer Technology/Applications
14.0 Other Consumer Technology/Applications
14.1 Healthcare Applications
14.2 Automotive AV & Networking
14.3 Recyclable/Green Engineering
14.4 High Speed Signals & Interconnects
14.5 Development Tools
14.6 Manufacturing and Test Technology for Consumer Use
14.7 Intellectual Property
14.8 Machine Learning
14.9 Data Mining
14.10 Product Safety
14.11 White Goods

Topic List for Special Sessions

SS1 Metadata Requirements for the New Age of Media
SS1.1 What is metadata and why is it needed?
SS1.2 The need for standardisation for metadata
SS1.3 Metadata taxonomy
SS1.4 The need for metadata for the broadcast and consumer environment
SS1.5 A session on automated metadata generation methods

SS2 Bridging the Gap between Low Quality Video Sources and High Resolution Displays
SS2.1 Noise and Coding Artifacts Robust Sharpness Enhancement
SS2.2 Noise and Coding Artifacts Robust Contrast Enhancement
SS2.3 Spatial and Temporal Up-conversion of Low Resolution Video Signals
SS2.4 Super-resolution Imaging
SS2.5 Multi-frame Coding Artifacts Removal
SS2.6 Texture Synthesis and Details Recovery
SS2.7 Noise Shaping and Diffusion

SS3 Speech Enhancement via Optimisation Techniques
SS3.1 Speech enhancement
SS3.2 Acoustic beamformer design
SS3.3 Speech recognition optimization
SS3.4 Blind signal separation
SS3.5 Beamforming algorithm implementation

SS4 Human Centered Transportation Systems
SS4.1 Human Centered Transportation Systems
SS4.2 Support System for Transportation's Operator
SS4.3 Situation Awareness in Transportation Systems
SS4.4 Trainning Simulator for Transportation Systems
SS4.5 Human's Physiological Response in Transportation Systems

SS5 3DTV & Multiview Video Systems
SS5.1 Representation formats for 3D video
SS5.2 Multiview and 3D video coding
SS5.3 Transmission and storage of 3D video contents
SS5.4 3D display processing, perception of 3D contents
SS5.5 2D-to-3D conversion techniques
SS5.6 Interactivity with multiview video contents

SS6 The Next Generation Information Retrieval / Analysis Technologies and Services
SS6.1 Rich contents analysis for the next generation information retrieval / analysis
SS6.2 Profile data analysis for the next generation information retrieval / analysis
SS6.3 Personal information management for the next generation information retrieval / analysis
SS6.4 User interface for the next generation information retrieval / analysis

SS7 Energy Harvesting & Storage
SS7.1 Energy Harvesting and Storage Design and Systems
SS7.2 Energy Harvesting Applications
SS7.3 Energy Storage Techniques and Applications
SS7.4 Energy Harvesting Materials Research
SS7.5 Energy Storage Materials and Innovations
SS7.6 Future Trend in Energy Harvesting and Storage